Cricket Bags

Storing and transporting cricket kit is no small matter.
Cricket bags seem to have grown exponentially in size. The key features to find in the best bags are :

1. Bat pouch – for easy access
2. Separate Boot area – to keep muddy boots away from kit
3. Zip up storage areas inside and on the outside for coins, papers etc.
4. Wheels ! A full kit bag is heavy and all young players should carry and be responsible for their own kit bags. Wheeled bags take some of the strain of lugging all this equipment from car to pavilion. Check that the wheels look “heavy duty” and can cope with pavements and grass
5. Double carry handles especially if you don’t have wheels

An interesting alternative to the wheeled bag is a rucsac-style, duffle cricket bag.
Generally lower capacity but easy to carry, keeping the hands free which allows young cricketers to cycle to matches and practice.

They are not generally made for juniors so check the capacity and likely weight first. Canvass bags in particular can be quite heavy especially when fully laiden. These might suit older juniors more.